Dia Mukerji is the Founder and President of UNIIK Company.


Growing up within the textile business in India, Dia has over two decades of experience with fabric design and manufacturing.


Armed with an education in Business Administration and Interior Design, Dia started UNIIK in 2008 to be able to provide custom fabric solutions to US consumers.


Her business quickly expanded and the client base transformed into large commercial and hospitality clients looking to build new properties, or transform their existing properties.


She understands that every project is different, every budget is different, and every client is different. As a result, her team works with each client to develop a vision and plan that is tailored for them.


Today UNIIK has a client base across 27 states, as well as an extensive vendor network comprising more than 500 vendors. Outside of design, Dia enjoys culinary creations, yoga, and music.


Nicky Mukerji is the Executive Vice-President of UNIIK Company. He manages an international team, responsible for project management, order fulfilment, and supply chain coordination.


Nicky has a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and an MBA with a focus in Finance, Technology, and Operations. He is also a certified PMP (Project Management Professional). Nicky spent 15 years in corporate America, working in supply chain and technology organizations. He has experience with corporate management, IT project management, supply chain integration, business intelligence, and client relationship management. Nicky was serving as the Chief Information Officer of an international legal technology company, when he decided to leave his position and join Dia at UNIIK.


Together, they built a strong technology backbone to support UNIIK’s growth, as well as a seamless supply chain to ensure efficient product flow. Accounting functions were integrated within the supply chain environment, to create an end-to-end workflow encompassing design, product fulfillment and finance.


For every project today, Nicky’s team manages the manufacture and procurement of thousands of items with different specifications, geographical origins, supply constraints and lead times. The team ensures that products arrive on time, per specifications, and under budget. Nicky’s goal has always been to ensure the continued satisfaction of the UNIIK client base, and strongly believes in organic client growth through referrals and recommendations from current stakeholders.


Outside of work, Nicky enjoys music, hiking, and cutting-edge technology gadgets.

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